BAAS and IOT Applications / 2 More Blockchain Platforms – Lisk and Expanse

 The Decentralized Revolution continues, two more well respected teams are tackling IOT(Internet of Things) and BAAS(Blockchain As A Service). Both organizations have the backing of Microsoft. Since they are tackling the same sectors, Microsoft seems to be hedging its bet here by partnering with both teams.

IOT and BAAS / Lisk and Expanse

Lisk, blockchain application, iot, baas


A blockchain platform tailored for developers to create their own decentralized applications from the ground up. By utilizing JavaScript and Lisk’s APIs, developers will have a separate side-chain for each app. Thus keeping the Lisk blockchain itself safe and lightweight. Two noteworthy concept applications have been submitted by the community to Lisk. Discovr, a social media platform for artists, with the aim of rewarding content creators. Another is Criterion, which is a concept for verifying your identity and on the blockchain.

Expanse, blockchain application, iot, baas


A blockchain powdered Cloud Computer. On Expanse you can build decentralized apps and smart contracts on an opensource blockchain. Since all apps on Expanse are decentralized, like other blockchains, they are guaranteed to be censorship resistant with a 100% up-time. The entire Expanse code is available on GitHub for anyone to view, the team began small and has grown into a vibrant community that supports each other.

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It’s so refreshing seeing all these blockchain possibilities, it feels like we are in on a huge secret. Doesn’t it?

Decentralized Revolution

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