3 Blockchain Applications That Are Not Bitcoin – STORJ, NXT, and Steemit

3 Blockchain Applications That Are Not Bitcoin

Blockchain applications are not created equal.

Here are 3 use-cases of blockchain applications that are worthy of your attention:

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A social media platform built entirely on the Bitshares blockchain, Steemit is an exciting use-case for blockchain applications since it rewards participants of the social network with its own internal currency, called Steem, which can be traded for bitcoins. What on earth are Bitcoins? Find out here. Some people have done very well on Steemit and are building an impressive following with revenues to match.That said, the team has gotten some negative reviews for not building the platform onto bitcoin’s blockchain but rather opting to build on another blockchain (Bitshares).

Storj, bitcoin, blockchain applications, decentralized revolution


      The blockchain’s solution for cloud storage, where all your selfies, and file are stored in a decentralized network. Here’s how it works, download the Storj platform and join their network. There are two ways to participate, pay for storage using the internal storj currency that you can acquire with bitcoin, and more noteworthy, you can allocate a certain amount of space on your computer that is reserved for the network and helps secure it, and in turn receive storj coins for doing so. Decentralized storage is today the most secure way of saving data.

NXT, bitcoin, blockchain applications, decentralized revolution


      Often referred to as the Linux of blockchains, packs powerful developer tools to create your own decentralized apps, it also has an internal marketplace, much like eBay, where you can use any cryptocurrency you have to make purchases, furthermore, it has its own decentralized voting system, and it’s own decentralized storage with more features being rolled out constantly. Their new child chain ARDOR is just one(more on that in another post). However, the NXT team have been accused of not marketing themselves well.

Are there other blockchain applications on your radar?
Share them with us and let us know what coins or applications you want us to cover next.

I am always available to talk bitcoin and blockchain, if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to me across any social media and I will do my best to guide you or refer you to someone who can.

Disclaimer: I own Nxt and I am a participant on Steemit

Please do your diligence and invest wisely


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